Friday, September 10, 2010

The Daily Drive

Ernest's new school is way out in the boonies. (I can SAY that, I LIVE here.)

It's so far away that it takes a whole 12 minutes to get there if you don't get stuck behind the horse carriage, the tourists, or the high school traffic. Then it might take 15-20 minutes.

Oh, it's a dirty job. We drive past desperate housewives. And when I wait in the parking lot, I stare at dark shadows.

I hope you can tell I am joking here.

That shadowy little school house? That's the band room. How many times have I waited for my sons outside the band room? That's the story of my life, "Mom, pick me up outside the band room."

Seriously, I say a large thank you every morning that I am able to have such a beautiful drive. I vary my route home, taking different roads just for fun.

Which one is the road less traveled? I'm still finding out.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to share some of the beautiful places I pass by on our daily drive.


Susan said...

What a quaint little building! Our high school is old, but all the old buildings have been replaced. It is also just a 10 minute walk away but my daughter still drives!

Jen said...

Gorgeous building! I came here to comment on a cookbook post you made but can't find it? I wanted to say I always return to the complete Delia Smith my mum gave me when I left home, same as she always had. I have other recipes scribbled on the blank pages, and whenever I forget something really basic that I should remember like how long to roast a potato or how long to boil a soft egg, Delia always knows.

And that cheese you had a picture of? We never had that cheese and I remember seeing it at a friend's house when I was 18 and being quite mystified.

smalltownme said...

Jen, that post will reappear soon!