Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Traditions

Happy Labor Day, dedicated to "the social and economic achievements of American workers." .

Until recently, Labor Day also meant that school would start the next day. That doesn't happen anymore, and I am oh so grumpy about it. Many of the Sunday funnies (as I called them when I was a kid) were about school starting and completely annoyed me yesterday... get with the times, comic strip writers.

Ernest did not even have a holiday today -- he is now a day student at a boarding school, and they don't do some of the Monday holidays. But they do get a full week at Thanksgiving and a week at President's Day so the boarders can have enough time to go home. I think I get the full Thanksgiving week off too...that's why we started so early. Frank only gets three days at Thanksgiving but he is gloating over his 5 weeks at Christmas. Ain't college grand?

But I digress...

Since Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer, I think we will be having the traditional barbecue tonight. I am planning:

  • tri-tip (the Handy Husband's traditional responsibility)
  • a traditional potato salad (mayo, olives, sweet pickles but no eggs because then it smells like farts)
  • and something non-traditional for us, broccoli slaw
  • but traditionally, I'll leave the dessert up to Frank!!!!

What's cookin' at your house today? Are you mixing it up or cooking old school?


Jason, as himself said...

This year for Labor Day, I am getting in my car and driving up to your house for this tri tip! See you in a few hours.

Susan said...

Salad here. It is 95 out there and since I "man" the BBQ, I am not doing it in this heat!

Jen on the Edge said...

We had spicy chili tortillas will with Southwestern pot roast and other yummy things.