Saturday, September 04, 2010


Ever since Frank entered band in 5th grade, I've had a problem saying "saxophone."

This is why...

Damn you, Simpsons.

We rented Frank's tenor sax so long that we eventually paid for it.

Ernest chose alto sax instead and due to a change in school policy he was able to play a school instrument for the past two years, so no rental bills! But he had to give it back at graduation. Literally -- the 8th graders played their last song, laid the instruments down, and that was it.

But Ernest does want to continue playing. His new music teacher was very excited to get a sax player.

So we went to the city today to find him a saxamaphone of his very own. Mission accomplished!


jenn said...

My youngest daughter just started taking tenor sax lessons this summer. She's using the same one my husband played in junior high!

Jen said...

:-) I say saxamaphone for the same reason. Our girl has dropped violin because she didn't get on with her teacher (no choice of teacher) but is loving guitar.

dkuroiwa said...

i wish that the boys were interested in much as kiyoshi plays guitar it would be great..maybe in a few years!
good job on finding one for him to play....
looking forward to seeing some more videos of his work!!

Pretty Things said...

Oh my, I remember that Simpson's episode! And many, many more.