Monday, September 27, 2010

One of Those Days

It's been one of those days...things usually come in 3s but I'm up to 4 now.

The low tire pressure light came on in my car. Funny thing, this happened to the husband's car yesterday. His car tells him which tire it is. I had to go around with a tire gauge, and wouldn't you know it was the last tire I checked.

There were two issues at school. Why am I always in the middle of things when all I want to do is stay in the background?

What was the fourth thing? Just a little mess I made in the grocery store when a bottle of iced tea slipped out of my hand. That wasn't nearly as bad as a previous mess -- when my cart accidentally bumped a display of orbit gum and it all went on the floor. Clean-up on Aisle 5!

I hope the rest of the evening goes smoothly.

UPDATE. It didn't.

Number Five was an issue with someone helping me in the kitchen.

Number Six was Ernest's bedroom floor issue. At House time, the only free TV was in his room, so I went there. And I couldn't help myself. During commercial time, I picked up stuff from the floor. Mostly dirty laundry and trash, but I collected approximately $12. 79 in COLD HARD CASH. I wrote it down and held the money hostage until he had put away all his clean laundry. Oh, best of all I discovered the pair of gym socks I was accused of losing in the wash...on the floor.

Seven was Frank's bathroom light bulb issue, Not a huge thing, but he came down for a 60W light bulb, which we didn't have. I gave him a new florescent -- 23 W??? They should say what they replace! He came back down-- it did not work. OK, back up with a 100W incandescent which is all we had... works but is too hot.

Eight was it was too freaking hot in my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Poor Baby!!
I feel your pain:(

Susan said...

Mamma said there'd be days like that.