Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's Cooking?

In this modern age it may seem like there is no need for cookbooks when you have a laptop.

Peach Bread is the recipe on the screen, in case you're curious.
I don't have a link to it.
Frank said it was the first one that came up in his search.

We do get a lot of recipes on line, but often return to the favorite cookbooks. Frank still uses my 70s Joy of Cooking. That's our cooking bible if we want to learn how to make something. I hated the revamp because it tried to be too trendy.

I also have my aunt's 40s version of Joy of Cooking.

Some of those recipes are freaky.

I don't think we'll be trying Salmon Loaf With Spaghetti any time soon.

I have a double stacked shelf of cookbooks. Why? Rebellion against my childhood!

My mother did not like to cook. She loved processed cheese and TV dinners. Growing up on a poor farm in the depression, I can't blame her for liking the abundance and convenience. But we always had Banquet, the cheapest TV dinners. I would beg for Swanson, which had the itty bitty dessert in the middle, but she wouldn't spend the extra 10¢. Seriously, 49¢ vs. 59¢? Even in the 70s, would 10¢ have broken the bank?

Do you know how difficult it was to get those cents signs in there????

[ALT Fn 155, then release ALT before you release Fn, according to Ernest.]

Ernest was recently astounded to see an individual piece of fake cheese wrapped in plastic. He'd never seen it before. Because I won't have that stuff in my house, even though it melts well on burgers. I had too much of of it in my childhood.

I like real cheese from happy California cows!

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BundlesofBlossoms said...

Oh my goodness, that banquet dinner from the 70's, made my mind jet back in time. I begged for them:)

I would beg for anything processed because we had everything from scratch-HA! Isn't funny how different families eat.

Fun post!