Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man vs. Woman

I swear, breakdowns in my house usually*** come in threes: The stuck computer button on Tuesday, which Frank fixed. The leaking water heater Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And the dead internet connection Wednesday afternoon.

Now there's a man/woman story about the water heater. My husband goes to bed. Not a peep. After Dancing with the Stars, I go to the bathroom and SQUISH, step onto a bathmat soaked with water. I clean up the mess and lay a towel down, just in case. At 4 a.m. he goes to the bathroom. Not a peep. Since I am now awake, I go to the bathroom too, and SQUISH, step onto the towel now completely soaked with water. I clean up again, and lay a new towel down. He gets up at 7, not a peep, but when I get up a few minutes later, guess what? SQUISH again and I clean up the mess a third time. To his credit, he takes the morning off to go to Home Depot for a new water heater. But to just leave the water there on the floor? If I hadn't kept cleaning it up, we would have had to wade to the toilet and the water would have spread to the bedroom carpet.

The internet problem? It happened right before Frank and I went to the movies. When we got back, I fixed it myself. (Reset modem for the third time and reboot computer.)

***I said "usually." We got off easy with the refrigerator...nothing else broke down at the same time!!! Unless...we categorize...that would mean we are due for 1 more computer issue and one more appliance issue. I don't want to think about that!!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully each troublesome thing was balanced with a good thing. -Echo

Jen on the Edge said...

If it had been us, Pete would have cleaned up the water and I would have pretended I didn't know about it.