Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ernest told me his 8th grade history class was learning the preamble to the constitution. So I started singing this, which was pretty horrible since I can't sing:

For those of you my age (cough cough) wasn't Schoolhouse Rock great?

I had to explain to Ernest that Saturday mornings were the acme of children's TV. Life without SpongeBob at all hours? Inconceivable.

Up until I was 10, we had one channel. Thank goodness it was the channel that got Dark Shadows at 3:00 every day. I remember reruns of Winky Dink, but I never got the Magic Screen.

When we moved into a real house the spring I was 10, my mother broke the bank and got a color TV and cable. Wow! 13 channels. How amazing was that????? Saturday mornings in color, that was the life. Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo. And Schoolhouse Rock. I was paralyzed with delight.

There was a great block of shows on ABC Friday nights: The Brady Bunch, Nanny and the Professor, The Partridge Family. But even with cable the local affiliate made a bizarre programming choice to show movies like the Nun's Story instead and I had to wait till Sunday when they finally played my fun shows!

(I will not discuss the time my mother promised we would get HBO and reneged, because I don't like to dwell in the past.)

Please, tell me about your favorite childhood TV show.


Jen on the Edge said...

I was a huge fan of "The Brady Bunch." I watched it every afternoon after school for years.

I loved "Schoolhouse Rock" of course, as well as "Little House on the Big Prairie," "Love Boat," and "Fantasy Island."

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I always wanted the Winky Dink screen and I tried it with Saran Wrap (and got in trouble)!

Laura loves watching shows like The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island on DVD. Also? I got the Schoolhouse Rock videos on iTunes for her. :-)

Thanks for the memories.


Jodi Anderson said...

I absolutely ADORED Schoolhouse Rock. And, I still do. :)