Tuesday, November 03, 2009


A number of years ago, I fell in love with a Mary Poppins umbrella from the Disney Store.

I just love Mary Poppins. I've seen the movie, read all the books, and even been to the Broadway show. One cold Halloween evening five years ago, we were going to a street fair and I wanted a warm costume. The beloved umbrella, black boots, white blouse, blue sweater and skirt, pink scarf, gloves, and a tape measure...remember when Mary measures the children?

Well begun is half done! The hat took a little doing -- but I had a small black straw hat of my mother's, and I added paper daisies and apple stickers in lieu of cherries (thank goodness for scrapbooking supplies).

Over the years, I've upgraded a few accessories. I found a replica of the movie hat and scarf on eBay.

And just a couple months ago, some inexpensive old fashioned boots at Costume Express. But I think my Poppins has loosened up over the years! She looks much more relaxed now.

She's California-ized! Because it was hot here!

Remember, her special word does include Cali.



jenn said...

Best. Costume. Ever! I absolutely love it, and you look adorable.

Susan said...

I love the CA version, too!

Pretty Things said...

I've read all the books, too -- and recently! Aren't they awesome?