Friday, May 27, 2011


We are down to single digits now!

Filling in at middle school recess this morning, a kid tried to shoot a basket after the whistle had blown, nearly hitting another aide in the head. Then he left the ball on the playground. Two big no-nos. The other aide told him if he did it again, he'd have detention every day for the rest of the school year. He said, "It's only 16 days, I don't care." She and I laughed and didn't bother to enlighten him that it was only 8.

At lunch recess, I was nearly trampled by a horde of screaming second graders stampeding across the playground. I didn't know what was going on, but then I spotted a swarm of bees in the air. That's something new.

Other than the bees, the classroom and playground have been pretty calm this week and we can bet the difference is the absence of Mr. Tattler. I've mentioned him a few times. He seems so starved for attention and acting out is his way of getting it. But as nice as it is to have him gone, our hearts break for him because it is because of yet another parental separation. He looks a little like this, after having to shave his head to get rid of an unacceptable mohawk...


Aunt Snow said...

Magic eight ball!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

KIds like that break my heart.
Down to THREE days here!