Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cat Art

Aunt Snow has found more cat art to complement Mrs. G's beloved blue-eyed Siamese.

Here is my contribution to the Online Gallery of American Vernacular Cat Art. Along with some of my cat tchotchkes.

The bulk of the collection is housed in the downstairs powder room. Coincidentally, the cat litter boxes are also housed here. The Cat Art came first.

The portrait of Sox, our black cat, was done by Ernest in 6th grade Meet the Masters (Rosa Bonheur).

The orange cat isn't really a cat, it's a fox drawn by a talented 11-year-old student friend of mine, but I thought it was close enough to be displayed in this collection.

Most of the ceramic cats on this small shelf belonged to my aunt/godmother. I have another box stored in a closet somewhere. My mother got the center glass cat in Venice. The Owl and the Pussycat booklet was mine as a child. I can still recite that poem.

Vintage linen towel with cat, made by another aunt.

Tigers are cats too.

The flame-eared statue is "Cat Maul," Ernest's 3rd grade Make-Your-Own-Star-Wars-Character. (Frank totally stole his character from Spaceballs...he made Pizza the Hutt.)

I realized we had some other fine cat art that had never been displayed.

Ernest's 100th-day-of-school project, 100 buttons in the belly of a cat.

Ernest's portrait of two of our gone-away cats, Callie and Hazey.

My earliest attempt at cat art, painted at age 10. It was a copy of a greeting card. Looks like I didn't quite finish it.

Another attempt at age 12.

And a more recent one, copied from a magazine ad.

I'm going to need a bigger powder room.


Aunt Snow said...

Oh. My. God.

I am humbled, debased, diminished by the awesomeness of your Cat Art collection. I am but a dilettante, with my measly little Oaxacan bobble-heads. You, madam, are the doyenne of distinguished Cat Art.

the ceramic cats - good God! If I didn't know better I'd think they were bongs. Wait a minute, though, you said there was a Venice connection? Do you mean Venice, CA or Venice Italy?

Your age 10 cat picture is stunning. Love the treatment of the "tabby" theme.

I am your most ardent admirer.

smalltownmom said...

Well, Aunt Snow, thank you for your kind compliments. I think we need Mrs. G. to curate the Online Gallery of American Vernacular Cat Art.

Mrs. G. said...

I bow to your cat art! Like Aunt Snow (great minds) I thought you had kitty bongs.