Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloweened OUT!

I was a lazy babe last night, and convinced my household to bolt the door and turn out the lights. No Halloween for 3/4 of us, although we did watch my favorite zombie movies: Shaun of the Dead, Fido, and Night of the Living Dead

The best zombie-smashing scene ever?

But truly, I was already Halloweened-out by the events at school on Friday. I somehow managed to hit each classroom for their respective parties. I was the queen of pin the face on the pumpkin, and had my usual internal rant about appropriate goodies (3 trays of the same grocery store cookies in the same class).

The most innovative treat? The watermelon jack-o-lantern with fruit skewer hair. That mom went all out. She was also there all morning, helping dress kids and serve the snacks. There were a lot of wonderful parents helping out!

The most awkward treat? The heavy glass dish of "mud pie" (chocolate pudding, gummy worms, oreo crumbs, and skull candy), sent with NO serving utensil and not enough skulls to go around. As I slopped it onto the plates with a tiny plastic spoon, I fielded the whines of "I wanted a skull." That mud pie would have been great in individual baking cups.

I was the original Super Nanny, and I'll talk about my Poppins obsession in another post.

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Louise said...

I'm clearly going to be doing a small catch-up here.

I would have been the mom with the watermelon. Store-bought cookies for such a thing are NOT OK, even if they're good ones.

Rarely am I so tired/burned out that I don't want to pass out candy, but in this neighborhood, it's wise to do it anyway because it's SUCH a big deal, and I don't want to be the party pooper on the block that gets vandalized.