Friday, May 25, 2012

i wAS In A daZe

It wasn't the birthday, it was the bike race that did me in.  NorCal vs. SoCal.

Not that I raced, of course.  But being it was a home game, so to speak, the team moms (all 3 of us) decided to go all out and provide a Saturday pre-ride barbecue dinner AND a Sunday after-race burger lunch.

The moms and dads volunteered, too. Handy directed parking for 3 hours, and straggled past me at the merchandise tent, swearing "never again" and "people are A**h*l*s."

I hit the sweet spot of volunteering -- merchandising.  Had I know, I would have volunteered for that every race!  (Next year.)  It just suited me.  Shade!  Plus counting change, organizing, recordkeeping, saying good luck and thank you, and smiling.  Plus shade.  I should emphasize that again.  SHADE!  Because the temperature got up to 90.

The riders were not so lucky.  In the heat and dust, B finished 18th, disappointing for him because he finished the SoCal season in 2nd place.  P finished 24th in his category...a miracle considering his chain fell off 3 times.  Ernest, poor Ernest, ended up with a sprained ankle when a rider in in front of him slowed unexpectedly.  Ernest slid into a thistle.  He's lucky he didn't get scratched up.

It was a pretty day.  There's a teeny-tiny rider at the top of the ridge on the right.

The trophies were unique.

I saw the Mad Hatter but he had nothing new, just the dalmatian hat again. I was disappointed!


Slow Panic said...

Shade is good. volunteering is good, but i have yet to volunteer and not finding myself saying "never again. people are ------."

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

This band mom loved volunteering with the big events, but then I was always lucky enough to get the Shade. Shade is Important! Lucky you!
(A few experiences of late have had me muttering along with your husband, however.)
Great pic of your son (and the hillside rider!), but oh what a bummer about the end of the season. Bike racing can be brutal.