Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Putting the Good and Notsogood into Perspective

You know it's never all good.  But it's mostly good.  Ernest got his driver's license today! (I was NOT ALLOWED to take a picture of him driving off.  He is getting annoying about my photographic documentation.)  But he arrived home from school with a cracked iPad.  I volunteered to take it to the Apple hospital tomorrow.  Because I don't have to drive him to school!!!

So I think I can put the coming week into perspective...

I can sit at the computer tonight and blog because Homer has taken over my chair.
I can spend time in a beautiful town tomorrow because of a small accident.
I can go to the beautiful mountains this weekend because Ernest has another bike race.

What can you do tonight, tomorrow, or on the weekend?


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I could sit in the quiet car and do my homework tonight while my youngest son was at his Boy Scout meeting.

And because I drove my 16yo (not yet licensed) son to a meeting this afternoon, I was able to spend an extra 15 minutes oggling the swiftly moving river (just below flood stage).

This weekend, I can take pictures of the huge 12k race in our town because my feet and the podiatrist agree that walking or jogging is out. I've never photographed it before, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity!
Thanks for helping me put these things in perspective. :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

one thing i can do is make some scones.....when you flatten almonds on top they !!!!!
I also can get more pigs onto cups this morning. I love spring green and pink together, and a pretty shaped spring green cup cries out for a piggy and it makes me laugh :)

Janet said...

I can visit my friend and her two minions with a step grand minion of my own.

I can go to Mayfair in Harvard Square with 2 step grands and a step son in addition to my sweet Dave.

I can watch what I eat to lose weight, all weekend, all next week, all for however long it takes to reach my goal. Then I can watch what I eat in order to not put it back on.

Anonymous said...

YAY for the license!
I can bring my crew to karate tonight.
I can go to Target during the day when there aren't crowds and I don't have to drag kids with me.
I can linger in Habitat ReStore and look at old doors.
I can take my time working through my pal's manuscript.

Glennis said...

Isn't that nice?

Only then you will wonder when he's coming home.

When our son was 16, he moved into the daylight basement, which had its own entrance. So my morning ritual was always to peek outside and make sure his car was safely parked in the driveway.