Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Can Start Now

Frank's school finished two weeks ago.  Ernest has finals this week.

Handy and I saw The Beach Boys on their 50th anniversary tour last night.

So it must be time for summer!

Some people get great concert pictures from their iPhones.  Apparently I don't.

I do see some great people, though.  These "California Girls" were rockin' it throughout the whole concert.

You go, girls!

As always, we had interesting seat-mates.  A young guy in front of us was thrilled to have scored a cheap ticket at the entrance.  He already had a ticket for the other Bowl concert.  Such a big fan, it's too bad he couldn't get the band member's names right  (Mike Stone?).  He was yapping all this to the man a few seats to his left, who bore an amazing resemblance to Ken Jeong but with glasses.  Although said young man got his ticket cheap, he said the seller gave the last ticket away.  That lucky recipient was a ringer for Rutina Wesley.  She sat next to me.  She was pretty quiet, although she worried me when she went somewhere and left her purse on the seat.  She sang a bit at the end and had a nice voice, as did the lady behind me.  Who may have been kicking my chair a bunch of times, but was not the one who whacked my head with a purse.  And so it goes.

The music, I must say, was fantastic.

The Beach Boys have had so many amazing songs over the years!  What's your favorite?

I've always loved Wouldn't It Be Nice.  I can't embed it, but here's the link.

Good Vibrations, everyone!


Mom on the Run said...

We saw them a few years ago, although I think at that time there was only one Beach Boy and several substitutes! My favorite BB song is "Fun, Fun, Fun"!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Oh how fun! (Your experiences remind me a bit of an outdoor Bob Dylan concert at a winery... on a rocky hillside... surrounded by drunk people) But, hey! It was for the Beach Boys!

"Wouldn't it be nice" is a great choice. :)

Slow Panic said...

It is absolutely time for summer! The concert sounds great.

Janet said...

I've always wanted to go there for a concert! But...I'm too crochety for dealing with the people you mentioned ;-)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a fun time! I like so many of their songs--their sound is SO summer-fun to me--I'm a bigger fan of them for summer music than for Jimmy Buffet who is ALL THE RAGE here.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Being a California Girl, I'm going to have to go with that one. Though really, any song on Endless Summer would qualify.

Aunt Snow said...

Those t-shirts are hilarious!

Susan said...

The Beach Boys are the one group I have seen multiple times in concert. I always liked In My Room and California Girls.As kids we loved Little Old Lady from Pasadena!

Alexia said...

My gosh those tee-shirts!! Great collection of shots :)

Carmi Levy said...

Best. Shirts. Ever. I love the sense of humor they must have to wear them in the first place. Good on them!

I am so impressed with bands like the Beach Boys that stay together for decades and continue to win new fans generation after generation. It speaks to the timelessness of their music, and the power of art to move people.

I love how you've captured this experience.