Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring School Stories

We've had an epidemic of broken arms in first grade. Four out of 60 kids seems like a lot to me! They seem to happen in boy/girl sets.

Boy 1 fell off the structure. I didn't see it happen, but I was on the playground and knew from the way he was clutching it that something was wrong. Girl 1 was pushed off the big kid's structure when she was playing after school.

More recently, Boy 2 broke it jumping off the swings. Only he was afraid he'd get in trouble so he didn't tell anyone for several days. Girl 2 fell off a hay bale. Her cast is the smallest, but she also has stitches on her chin. There was a Girl 3 who came in the day after Boy 2, arm amateurishly wrapped in gauze, saying it was broken, but it was just a story.

Yesterday was a really interesting day.
  • X got in trouble with me for making snorting pig noises. I had a hard time not laughing because he sounded so funny.
  • Y got himself all wound up as usual and as the whining and crying started, I heard someone mutter, "There he goes again."
  • There was a lot of flipping going on: I confiscated a bunch of pencil grips because they were being flipped off the ends of the pencils.
  • And my eagle eye caught a 5th grade girl flipping food with her spork. Hello, trash pickup.
  • The topper of the day was Z, who was playing with scissors instead of paying attention, and cut her hair, her skirt, and her leggings.

28 days.

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Twisted Susan said...

Damned pencil grips!