Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pecking Order

We have a very angry bird in our yard. He doesn't like the car mirrors. He's got a massive beak and pecked at the truck so hard that I thought it left actual gouges. It didn't -- it was just mass quantities of bird spit.

He attacked Frank's car window as well. I think he was pecking at a pile of his own poo here.

I wonder if he's the same one who left the bullet hole?

Any animals going crazy in your neighborhood?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Well we do have a saboteur Blue Jay in our yard. Or at the very least he has a differing opinion on our landscaping. He seems to feel we need many more oak trees in the yard and is planting acorns faster than I can pull them. He is getting very good at hiding them where they are noticable only once they are big enough to require a shovel for removal.-Echo

Jodi Anderson said...

Thank goodness, no! :)

Seriously, though, that is crazy-interesting. I hope that you can catch this rogue bird in action and identify it.

Susan said...

That is just wild! I guess you need to put covers on the mirrors to keep them intact.

Dave said...

Wow! I have never heard of this. Must be a reason for it. Let us know if bird returns