Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meat and Potatoes

My guys are meat and potatoes men, so that's always a sure hit for dinner. These are some recent combinations. (Please don't nag me about too much red meat -- I serve a lot of chicken and seafood, too, but this is a meaty post.)

Steak (on sale that week) and loaded baked potatoes. Even my brown thumb has not managed to destroy the chives growing in my garden. They are descendants from a chive plant I brought here in 1988. I just hate being offered "chives" in a restaurant, only to find out they are green onions aka scallions. (Oh, please, click that link. You'll be happy you did.) There's a difference! The steak's not really blackened, it just looks that way. Maybe the HH was a little zealous with the grill pan, but it was still medium-rare inside.

Frank's favorite meal, pork chops! He mixes his potatoes and peas together. Ernest prefers the well of souls gravy.

But sometimes I try to mix it up. Here we have seared (sort of) ahi tuna and rice pilaf. Tuna is so steaky, it falls into my meat category. I love making rice pilaf, throwing in all sorts of odd bits of vegetables to use them up, and the crew likes it almost as much as potatoes.

Wait a minute! I didn't cook this! This was my meal at Ernest's birthday dinner. Buffalo New York Steak. It was good! But I know chives. Chives are a friend of mine. Scallions, you're no chives.

Here's another restaurant meal sneaking in. Estofado. Mmmmm. A beefy stew with a cinnamon flavor. Someone posted a recipe for it, and now I don't remember where I saw it.

Recently, a batch of ginormous burgers. The bottomless pit Ernest ate the whole thing...I ate about half of one.

And lamb. Baaaaaaa. The leftovers make a great shepherd's pie.

What's cooking at your house?


Jen on the Edge said...

And now I'm hungry.

We had frittatas and salads for dinner last night. Most of the salad fixings came from our garden, as did the herbs for the frittata. The eggs came from a nearby farm.

jenn said...

We're just getting back to "real" food after a bout of stomach flu that took us down one by one. On tonight's menu is Sesame Ginger Chicken Lo-mein (new recipe). Last night was a marinated pork tenderloin on the grill with sauteed potatoes and asparagus.

Fannie said...

Just grilled rib eyes last night - OMG so GOOD!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

No meat lately--lots of pasta for some reason. You really do eat all kinds of meat.