Monday, May 10, 2010

Member's Night

The capys and their keeper were happy. The keeper was happy because she was back with the capys. When the zoo staff heard they would be getting 4 baby capybaras, many employees wanted to be their keeper. Some changed their minds when they found out how much work it was to clean their poo out of the pool. Caplin Rous could tell us all about that.

There was a buffet dinner on the hilltop. While the picnic tables were crowded, the HH and I found a perfect spot to sit, overlooking the condors yet overlooked by the diners. Wow, look at that wingspan. Ernest and I heard the most interesting lecture about condors at his zoo volunteer dinner a few weeks ago.

The meerkats' habitat had been upgraded, and they were out re-digging their holes.

This duck has spent too much time around the flamingos.

And the flamingos, they were arguing over something. That one trying to hide from it all? That's the one I identify with.