Friday, May 28, 2010


Ernest has been a pincushion lately.

For his upcoming trip, he had shots for
  • Hepatitis A (he said that was a weird-tingly-feeling one) and
  • Yellow Fever.
  • For Typhoid, he wisely chose the 3-dose oral vaccine rather than the gives 2 more years of protection, too.
That was $43o.

He also had
  • Tetanus (also weird-feeling) and
  • Chicken Pox boosters, and a
  • TB test (it's still a shot) required by the zoo in order to work with the animals.
That was $30 co-pay plus whatever else they bill.

Ouch. [Rub arms.] [Rub wallet.]


Jen on the Edge said...

Poor guy, I hope it wasn't all at once.

Susan said...

Ouch - both the arm and the checkbook!