Sunday, November 18, 2018

Life of the Crazy Cat Lady

I think this says it all...

(I don't have living parents, so we can scratch that one.)

I do have a life, although you wouldn't know it from all these cat posts. Four cats can be a little consuming. Yes, I was crazy. We lost my darling Homer last fall. We would have been fine, just fine, with Fifi and Hunter. And yet, there was that insatiable desire for an orange kitty. And the hunt was so difficult. Each time we thought we had located a potential adoptee, it was snatched away to another loving home before we could get there. Finally we got a lead on a whole clowder of orange creamsicles... Leo and Harry stole our hearts and I do not regret it one bit! But it does tend to make me look a bit crazy.

I don't care. Even though the litterbox bag is actually THAT BIG!

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