Monday, July 21, 2008

I sent my son a text message

Some of you think this is an ordinary, everyday occurrence. But I don't "do" text messages.

I'm a QWERTY kind of gal. I excelled at typing in high school, and got my first real job without any experience except that I could type 60 WPM. I am one with my keyboard. I can amaze second graders while typing without looking. Back in the day we called that "touch typing."

So a text message on a cell phone, where you have to tap 1-3 times depending on the letter??? It's a technique I have been reluctant to learn.

But since we are relocating Frank to the Fonzie Apartment, I can't just yell upstairs that "DINNER'S READY!"

Instead I sent him a text message. And he didn't get it. I feel so pathetic. Fortunately, he felt it was dinner time and showed up anyway.


Anonymous said...

I recommend a bullhorn. Or maybe one of those bells they have on Western ranches to call the ranch hands home.

barbra said...

or let him forage for his own food.

I can only say this because my kids are little.

Tricia said...

I like the bullhorn idea.

Anonymous said...

Sonny Boy and I text all the time!

Vanessa said...

I'm a QWERTY kind of gal all the way. Maybe HH needs to treat you to a new phone? ;-)