Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Franks's got a job, starting Monday as a go-fer in his dad's office. Except that they spell it gopher, which makes me picture him digging nasty little holes all over the place like the fellow that is tunneling under my front gate.

My first job was as a motel maid. Looking back, it wasn't that bad. I worked from 9 until whenever we were done, on weekends and holidays. Other classmates worked there too, so we could talk while making beds and cleaning toilets. There weren't many perks, except for getting free Cokes from the machine. There was nothing better than an icy Coke in a glass bottle. Howver, it may have ruined me because I've hated housecleaning my entire adult life! Although, I could have gotten that from my mother.

The Handy Husband's first job was picking up golf balls. Then he was a paperboy. Our paperboy. I was too shy to talk to him when he came around collecting. I would give him his $2.85 and he would give me a tiny square receipt. That was the extent of our relationship for many years.

[Update re the HH: My M-I-L says, "He especially liked picking up golf balls because he also got to drive and park the golf carts. Driving; one addiction he never outgrew."]

So tell me, what was your first job?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I was a paper"boy" also. The frustration of the people who never had money was too much!

Anonymous said...

Babysitting until I was 16 and then I worked at JCPenney. I kept up with the babysitting until I graduated from college.

Vanessa said...

I was 12 and my first job was as a counter girl/bus girl at my Grandmother's restaurant in Iowa. I served coffee and toast to the morning railroad workers who sat at the counter and in the lunch and dinner times I bussed tables. Very quietly. I only made the mistake of being loud with the dishes once. My grandmother flew from the kitchen to the dining room of the restaurant and quickly corrected the problem!

Anonymous said...

Babysitting, and then cleaning our house and cooking and doing the grocery shopping.

Nora Bee said...

I was a hostess in Friendly's. I wore a tight polyester dress and nursing shoes and carried a pencil that said "seat customer within 30 seconds!"

I loved the social part of it but it was great incentive to go to college.

Noodle said...

My first job was at a printer's shop. Mostly I did typesetting, but I also did some developing, burning plates, running the presses .... I made $3.35 an hour (minimum wage) and I thought I was HOT STUFF. LOL!