Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wobbling Through the Weekend

Last Thursday morning I woke up and I could barely walk. Somehow, in my sleep, I strained something in my ankle* on the right side of the Achilles tendon. What was I doing in my sleep? That's what I want to know.

So I limped around all weekend, taking Ernest to various activities.

  • Saturday I doddered to see Get Smart.
  • Sunday I hobbled around the Bigger Town while Ernest was at his summer program at the zoo.
  • Sunday night I bobbled in line as we took Ernest and McQueen to a Weird Al concert.
  • Yesterday I wobbled around a mall while Ernest and Ern played laser tag.

Today was the first day I could walk somewhat normally.

*Now, a friend told me that ankles represent flexibility and the ability to move forward. I'm not at all flexible physically, but mentally? I'm pretty flexible or adaptable. A former boss, who was notorious for RARELY giving 5's (excellent) on our performance appraisals, always gave me 5's for being flexible.


Anonymous said...

As someone who has had Achilles tendon problems for years, I sympathize with your hobbling. Don't let it go too long without seeing a doctor.

barbra said...

I seem to do the most damage to my wrist while I am sleeping. I discovered that I fold it up under my pillow. Now I wear a brace and feel old.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, but like Jen said don't let it go for too long...

Vanessa said...

I hope the pain is gone and you are walking normally now. Happy Fourth of July friend! :-)

Louise said...

I hope this isn't a chronic thing! I hurt this area a couple of years ago and have had on-and-off problems since. The last month has found me several days barely able to walk at all, and hobbling most of the rest of the time.

Generally annoying. We don't have time to hobble!