Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Staycation

Yes, we're having one of those. It's not because of the economy, it's because:
  • I'm sick of driving
  • I like our Tempurpedic bed
  • Our room is quiet
  • There are tons of good restaurants in our area
  • People pay good money to come here on their vacations
  • The weather is lovely this weekend.

We went out to dinner last night: the HH had rack of lamb, I had meatloaf. Delicious meatloaf. At home the HH made homemade vanilla ice cream, which we topped with raspberries and peaches from the farmer's market.

I don't recommend the panini place we lunched today (go here instead). On the way home we made reservations for another dinner out tonight. In between the eating out, the Handy Husband has washed cars and I have been rearranging things in the house, so we haven't totally wasted the weekend.

Plans for tomorrow include seeing The Dark Knight and hopefully another dinner out. Maybe here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so great! I want to visit your town at some point.

Sarah said...

Funny, I was talking about the same thing when I found myself practically alone in the Tar-zhay.

Although I have been pining for the ocean lately...

Vanessa said...

This sounds like a wonderful staycation! I love to play tourist in my own city. Sometimes you can be surprised by what you find!