Thursday, July 24, 2008

15 Seconds of Fame

I found this on How About Orange. Make your own museum masterpiece. How's this?

Ernest on the London Eye. He's blocking the view of Big Ben. It's there. Trust me.

There's his 15 seconds of fame. Because I seriously doubt you're going to look at it for the whole Warhol-coined 15 minutes. I got my 15 seconds this morning, with a lovely award from Jen on the Edge.

Now, I'm your prototypical bloggy wallflower. People pass around these awards like chain letters but do I get one? So thank you, Jen, for letting me join the club! Now what am I supposed to do with it? I think pass it on to 7 people. But who? How can I decide? Jen was smart, she did it geographically. But she gave it to a number of my favorite bloggers.

So I'm going to pass it on to the first 7 people who see it and don't have a bloggy award of their own. Leave a comment and it's yours!


Anonymous said...

How 'bout 15 seconds for Frank, in his"dress-up-for-Grandparents" senior picture.

He is hot with his guitar and suave in a suit and tie.
Proud g/ma

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving an award simply to comment that I recognize that view behind your boy. In fact, I have an almost identical photo of my girls on the London Eye with Big Ben in the background.

Vanessa said...

What a cool picture, I've always wanted to go to London. Maybe one day. Congrats on your award.