Monday, July 21, 2008

My Life with Batman

Batman's been a fixture in my life for.... like forever...

In second grade in 1967, my best friend and I played Batgirl and Robinette. I was Batgirl! Probably the one time in my life I got top billing. (And I take credit for inventing the name Robinette, but if she wants the credit she can have it.... Just kidding Susie, if you are reading this you know I love you.)

I loved the TV show. We got a color TV in 1970 and I watched Batman anytime I could. BOW BAM WHAP SMACK KABLOOEY!!! And Alfred. How could Batman have survived without Alfred?

A Batman Movie was filmed near me.

Tim Burton's films were twisted in his own special way.

Around 1992, my small son became obsessed OBSESSED I TELL YOU with Batman the animated series. He wore only Batman t-shirts for a whole year. It made laundry difficult. He would cry by the dryer while his shirt tumbled. (Yes, I assure all of you who have 2 year olds that he REALLY HAS grown into a normal person. )

And I read an "adult" story, I think it was called Batman Mon Amour. Not for children, it was a different spin on the Batman/Robin relationship. "And like all good superheros, he came in the nick of time."

Val Kilmer... meh. I love him but Joel Schumacher made the movies too cartoony.

George Clooney has freely admitted he killed the Batman series, but the stake was driven before he got there. As a humorous batman, I loved him... He had the best voice. Even though Robin's costume got a bigger "package."

I loved the new start in Batman Begins, but not the Liam Neeson part. More Gary Oldman would have been good. He is one of those great actors who disappear into a role. And Michael Caine as Alfred? I've died and gone to heaven.

Christian Bale is serious and fierce. And better than the other batmen, except when he had to talk a lot at the end and I thought the deep fake batman growl got ridiculous at that point.

And there's Aaron Ekhart. And Heath Ledger, another amazing actor who can disappear in the role. When you watch Jack Nicholson's Joker, you see Nicholson. With Ledger's Joker, you see a....


Go see. But don't take young children. It's fierce and violent. There are disturbing images. Ernest is out of the country but I'll take him when he gets back because he can deal with it. McQueen's mother is waiting for the DVD. Every child is different and you know your child.


Hen said...

"Mummy....I've had a nightmare....."

Yup, I know mine!

We're off to see Mamma Mia....I should be safe with that!

Anonymous said...

I haven't see the other's, would I be OK to see this one then?

Minnesota Matron said...

Lovely chronicle of the film's many twists and turns! It's definitely on my list!

Noodle said...

Husband saw it and said it was awesome. I'm glad you confirmed my suspicion that my son shouldn't see it.