Friday, June 27, 2008


The comic Zits really strikes home if you have a teenager in the house. I notice Jenn @ Juggling Life posts about it.

Today's little gem:I SWEAR, this looks like Frank's room. I scythed a path through it the other day. Ernest was looking for a video game. We found a decorative cover but not the actual game and box. Frank noticed the path..."Mom, my room looks different," he said in a humorously accusing voice.

We've got to have a "discussion" when he comes back. Part of his earning the right to live in the apartment over the garage (the Handy Husband is calling it the Fonzie Pad -- Aaay!) is that he keep it relatively clean. The state of his current room does not qualify.
  • Is it that he's lazy? Yes.
  • Does he care? Meh.
  • Is the new room 3 times bigger than the old room? Definitely.
  • Will he have a bigger TV? Yep.
  • And privacy? Surely.
  • Should he care? Yes, dammit, or he won't get it!


Noodle said...

You mean it doesn't get better as they get older!?! Oh no!

Spyder is only 10, and his room makes me unhappy already!

David said...

My 14 year old lives amongst the rubble of pop cans and chip bags. I refuse to do it now. On his own!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!
I'm at the point of not doing his laundry any longer!

Hen said...

Good grief - I'm not showing No 1 that - she'll think she's cool!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I feel like the writers of Zits must be living inside my head.