Monday, June 23, 2008

Au Revoir

Here's Frank right after we got to the airport. Just a little bored, he got out his keychain sized Rubik's Cube.
He's sometimes so grownup, but not quite.

Like yesterday, when he dumped his khaki pants on the kitchen table. I looked at them, and realized they were Ernest's size 12 pants. (Sometimes laundry gets mixed up, but it's usually not my fault. People should check first.) He thought they looked the right size, but when he held them up to himself, I just said "No," and tried not to laugh because they would have been highwaters Capris on him. Fortunately, he found the right khakis in time because otherwise what a horrorshow that would have been this morning when he had to put them on!!! Because they are part of the uniform.

Instead, we had a slightly smaller problem: I discovered he forgot his belt. The belt is also part of the gosh-darned uniform. And it keeps the pants from dragging down below the butt. If he'd told me yesterday, we could have got another. But he didn't bother to tell me. And then this morning: "It's no big deal, I just have to wear the uniform until I can borrow another." (From who??? Everyone else has to wear one too.) AAAARgh. I commend the Radisson Hotel gift shop for selling belts, because that relieved MY stress level. I'm sending them a thank-you note.

OK, next photo. Now we've been standing around a while. He's said, "Mom, it's boring, you should just go..." a couple times. I got the hint. But he had to hug me first. Good-bye, Frank. Have a great time.
This was my view from the onramp as I got on the freeway. It was like this for an HOUR. I swear, it took an hour to go less than 10 miles. The tie-up eventually turned out to be because of a Big Blasted Blue Bus Broken down in the center lane.

No picture of that, as I was happy to speed up to go around it!

So I was happy to leave the Big Town and return to my Small Town.

And here's my favorite video about CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC:


Hen said...

So grown up!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will have an excellent time!!

Noodle said...

All right, I'm going to confess to my loser-ness. Where is Frank going?

Loved the Jimi video!