Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been bogged down for several weeks. The flu, the cough that won't go away, the children at school who have stopped listening, the multiple lists of things I have to do for the graduation. The fog lifted somewhat last night when Ernest's Friday rehearsal was cancelled. One less thing to do on Frank's graduation day!!!! The Handy Husband will be home, instead of driving Ernest!!! That was the straw that unbroke my camel's back.

Suddenly I felt a huge reprieve. And to top it off, today I was left ALONE, blissfully alone. Frank had his last day of finals (yes, he passed everything!), Ernest went off with his MorFar (my dad), the HH was at work, and I... wasn't at work!! I satisfied my internet addiction, cleaned the most disgusting bathroom in the house (see footnote***), had lunch with my Beloved Niece, shopped and cooked for 4 hours for tomorrow's after-graduation meal, AND STILL MADE DINNER. My dad's amazing and wonderful Significant Other washed dishes. ("Thank you thank you! " And they both made dinner last night, "Thank you again!")

***OK, here's the Bathroom Footnote: I told Frank, if he's going to have his new girlfriend visit upstairs, he needs to keep the bathroom cleaner. It was beardacious. Beardatrocious. Beardisgusting. Beardrepulsive. You get the drift: there were beard trimmings everywhere. The Handy Husband trims his beard in his closet (it's a walk-in, but just barely). I refuse to enter it because the beard trimmings end up on the carpet. The HH swears he vacuums often. Anyway, Frank needs to "man-up" and deal with the beard better. I'll go through the house and clean toilets with out too much nausea but beard hairs just freak me out!


Anonymous said...

How nice that you had some time just for yourself. Reprieves like that are absolutely necessary.

barbra said...

I remember how disgusting my brother was at that age, when he too grew a beard. Gross!

Anonymous said...

Good luck tonight with Graduation!! I'll be thinking of you.