Monday, June 23, 2008

I've taken over his computer but Frank is Fine

I swear, Frank's plane is fine, I just took over (I was going to use hijacked another word but then I thought it would be politically incorrect) his computer because it was the only one I could get to. It does not accept my camera's memory stick, so the au revoir photo will have to be posted later.

{{Hey, Frank, I swear I'm not snooping at anything on your computer. Except I like your new rainbow skull desktop.}}

So, we got to the big airport in 2.5 hours last night, had room service, watched a little Harry Potter on HBO, and then tried to sleep on the evil sleep number beds. Why do I stay there? Because it is closest to the airport, actually within walking distance (20 min.). And Frank was bored enough in the morning to suggest walking. What a difference from 2 years ago (Australia) when we had to drag him on the walk. Now he knows how long those flights can be and is willing to have a little activity beforehand!

Anyway, he arrived on time, unlike a number of students and TWO of the four leaders. After all the annoying e-mails one of them sent, she was late. Ha HA. Frank's leader is a nice calm man who works at a local prison. (I believe he's a counselor, not a guard. ) There were a number of jokes about where he works.

Frank was bored even before they got in line, and told me repeatedly that I didn't need to stay. So after they were in the ticket line about 20 minutes (and the ticket agents still weren't there), I agreed with him, hugged him, and left. As I walked past the primary leader, she asked, "Are you leaving?" And I said he told me to, and "this is the third time I've said goodbye and it gets easier every time."

That may have been a lie. No, it doesn't get easier to say goodbye. But it gets easier to let him go. Because he always comes back with a new and wonderful experience.

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Vanessa said...

I love it when the self righteous are the ones who screw up. Around here, we call that KARMA!