Friday, June 20, 2008

How It's Made

We were just watching How It's Made and the last segment was on Lasik surgery.

I was surprised that it freaked me out.

I have been terribly nearsighted all my life and would love to do without glasses or contacts (but only if I could still read afterwards). And I am normally not squeamish. But seeing them do that clockworky orangish thingy on the eye, and then slicing it open...all while the patient is still awake??

I had to turn my back and go on the internet at that point. And was compelled to find this:

...I must admit that Malcolm McDowell is a Secret Boyfriend and I think my husband is fine with it (based on the number of times we have watched Clockwork Orange AND the fact that there is a resemblance between them) and I don't think Mrs. G has stolen claimed him yet...

But that's beside the point. [Definition: not relevant to the subject that you are considering or discussing] Not relevant but possibly more interesting.

So, the SUBJECT... What the heck was I asking about??? Let me regroup...

If you have had a Lasik experience, please comment!


David said...

Sorry, no Lasik experience, but have had a high speed drill go into my head to implant a cochlear device. The scar is the size of New York, and it took 4 hours to do it in. Went home just about 4 hours after surgery.

Anonymous said...

There's no way I'd have that done on my very own eyeballs.

Vanessa said...

I was hoping for good comments here. I'd really like to have Lasik but am scared!