Monday, June 16, 2008


Ernest just loved the shopping cart elevator at Tar-zhay. We bought socks and chocolate.

Other recent obsessions fascinations include: playing Guitar Hero,

petting the cat,

and this morning, going to camp for a week:

He has been so excited about Woodland Adventure Camp. "Yay, I get to go on a nine-mile hike!" He packed at the last minute last night. The boots he wore last year didn't fit. He was rather surprised. He doesn't realize how much he has grown.

So I thought the house would be quiet and lonely without Ernest but when I got back it was full of boys. Large ones. That's OK.


Sarah O. said...

You have a two-story Tar-zhay? I mean, is it enormous or just tall and skinny? I am green with envy.

At least my Tar-zhay has a decent supermarket, which is so much cheaper than the Safeway.

Rock Band rules at our house. Although my voice is sub-par, I sing so much better than I can play the instruments. Thankfully, my daughter's good on the guitar and my son can drum.

And lucky you for having a week off, relatively speaking!

Mrs. G. said...

He is a real cutie. I miss my son's long hair. He buzzed it this year.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Shopping cart escalator? Wow! You're so luckyyyyyyy. I've never seen one.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That camp sounds like boy heaven--at least for my boys.

Anonymous said...

A two story Target? I want to see that in real life.

Anonymous said...

AH! Summer Camp! What fun!!
The two story Tar-zhay looks just too cool!

Right now Wii Fit rules at our house.

Claudia said...

How is it that the boys get the most amazing hair....

Vanessa said...

I took my mom to the Target in Seattle and she was equally fascinated with the cart escalator.