Thursday, May 20, 2010

5 Decades, 5 Days

No, I didn't plan the party that I wanted. (Maybe later...but that will be another story.) So instead I celebrated for 5 days. Five decades, five days. I think that's just about right.

Day one (Saturday, 3 days before):
  • a work reunion. Huh? Why would you have a reunion of people you used to work with? That's another post!
  • I bought a batch of art supplies for my TCP.
  • When I got home, there was a stack of presents and someone was rehabilitating my bike. (It paid off that I didn't insist they go to the picnic with me). But Oh Dear, that means I have to ride the bike now!

Day two (Sunday, 2 days before):
  • lovely breakfast with bacon and mimosas.
  • BBQ steak for dinner,
  • cheesecake,
  • and the prezzies!!!! Which I did not buy for myself, way to go guys!!!

Day three (Monday, 1 day before).
  • happy hour with Beloved (niece) and Magic (sister-in-law).

Day four (Tuesday, the DAY)
  • I told co-workers I was fifty, and they said nice things like, "You don't look 50! I thought you were about 42." I love them!
  • Cards from the first graders! And goodies from the teachers!
  • Dinner out with my sons and husband.
  • plus the Carole King/James Taylor Troubador Reunion (concert post coming soon).

Day five (just hasn't happened yet)
  • I've been intending to add another fun day to the list but so far ...yesterday was the dentist and today I was too tired. Not something to celebrate.
  • So I think day 5 will be Sunday, because I am looking forward to 4.5 hours of LOST!! I have my Lost Party Kit!!! Ernest thinks I should save it as a collectible (I think it's sold out - I can't find a link for it any more). But since there are now potato chip grease stains (Ernest!) on the box and it's no longer in mint condition, Frank thinks I should use it. I also have Lost Pint glasses, which are being used with no reservations.
  • The more I think about it, the more I think a Lost Luau is in order!!!
I'll leave you with this Carole King song, which sums up the attitude I am trying to take into my 50s...


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I like your 5 Decades, 5 Days idea. I may steal it VERY shortly, if that's okay. Also? Lost party kit? What did I miss? Dang it!

Susan said...

A good plan - my 50th just slid by. I am looking forward to Sunday night, too, even though I don't have a party kit!

dkuroiwa said...

Yes...the 5 Decades, 5 Days is a great I will remember for when I need it (in just a couple of years!)
I have met so many incredibly wonderful and beautiful women who have passed this milestone (or will soon pass it!) and I'm not so freaked out about all are making it look like a great place to a "club" I can't wait to join.
Add on a couple more days to your deserve it!!
**i'm loving that song...i will also adopt that as MY theme song!! good choice, miss h.

Jen on the Edge said...

Happy x 50 birthday!

I am SO EXCITED about "Lost" tomorrow!

Banks Family said...

Are you in Queen Creek, Az?
and are you having a Lost party?