Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ernest's Error

I love alliteration. But "Frank's Fiasco" wasn't really a fiasco. Now "Ernest's Error," that is accurate.
  • fi·as·co /fiˈæskoʊ / [fee-as-koh] –noun. a complete and ignominious failure.
  • er·ror (ěr'ər) noun. a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention

Key word here: inattention.

Tuesday morning Ernest realized he didn't have his retainer. Working back in time, we established he hadn't had it since Sunday afternoon. Since the out of town pizza party. Since he wrapped it in a napkin and left it by his plate. Since the party trash was thrown away. So we've made a trip to the orthodontist for a replacement. It turns out our "retainer insurance" was on an annual basis, but they don't send out renewal bills. How would I have known! But the orthodontist kindly let us pay the insured price instead of the full price.


Vanessa said...

What a kind orthodontist! I lost my retainer as a kid, but it turned out the dog found it and had a little nibble. M&D were less than pleased!

Anonymous said...

Check pockets. Being retainer-phobic I looked. Pretty sure I saw the napkin go in a left-side pocket.

The Guider said...

Oh, I did that when I was a kid! We went for food, I took it out, wrapped it in a napkin, it got thrown out. We realised within half an hour and me and my mum had the joy of searching through bins at the burger place...but we found it!

Incidentally, this happened in the movie Parenthood too, my mum and I cracked up when we saw it!