Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday House!

Dear House,

It just occured to me that we have lived in you for 20 years today. Happy Birthday, House! I'm sorry I haven't taken any pretty pictures of you recently. Here's one from this afternoon, a little bare. You would look prettier if your wisteria and roses were in bloom.

Here's your front yard in September 2006. Ernest and I were on our way to a Pirate Faire.
Here's our patio in August 2005, where the Handy Husband has barbecued many a yummy tri-tip . And where Frank and Ernest learned to manage the stilts and pogo stick. (Thank you for keeping them uninjured when they fell off!) Here's the back yard in April 2005, hosting Ernest's 9th birthday party. Give that pinata a good whack! (There's the path where Frank whacked the lights!)
When we saw you, we weren't even intending on buying a new house. We remembered you from when we were kids. The Handy Husband delivered papers to you. So we walked through your open house just for fun. Little did we know we would fall in love.

We did a lot of work on you at first. Kitchen, floors, ceilings, doors, bathroom, even doorknobs! 20 years later you need a few more touchups (like my hair!). You could use new paint and new windows.

Thank you, House, for taking care of us for 20 years. Thank you for not complaining when your empty rooms grew overstuffed or when I forgot to clean you. Thank you for keeping us warm and safe and together as a family. We love you.

Love, Mom, Handy Husband, Frank, Ernest and The Cat.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I raise my glass to toast a house full of lovely memories of watching my "first boys" grow into people who are wonderful and interesting and make me proud. Hmmm maybe this is a good reason to make ( and eat) a cake.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

What a CUTE house!!!

smalltownme said...


Niece (aka Beloved Niece), have a great cake and tell me what kind it is! Hopefully chocolate!

Jen, you are invited here any time you come to California.

Stay tuned, I am going to have a [virtual] party for my 100th blog coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Pretty house!