Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pay It Forward

In December, I was a lucky winner of Bunny's Pay it Forward. I am the proud owner of a jelly-bean pooping reindeer!

And I have been procrastinating as usual about paying it forward. But here goes my version.

I have 3 fabulous prizes:
  1. My beloved copy of Stephen King's Duma Key (because books are falling off the shelves and I have to declutter) (and it's a great book!)
  2. Something chocolate (probably both milk and dark)
  3. or a Valentine-themed mystery gift
Leave a comment with your choice of prize. First come, first served. Then pay it forward on your own blog. For my non-blogging friends, what shall we do? Pay it forward to 3 of your friends.


Vanessa said...

I'd love to enter and I choose the Valentine's Day themed mystery gift!

smalltownme said...

OK, Vanessa. You've won the mysterious valentine's gift. (Mysterious because I don't know what it is yet.) I e-mailed you at the address on your profile. Send me your mailing info.

Whee, prezzies. I love prezzies, both getting and gifting.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate, of course; and does 30 decorated heart cookies for the 3rd grade count as paying it forward?
Actually, I'll trade the chocolate for a hug.

smalltownme said...

M-i-l, you win the chocolate, and the 30 cookies totally pay it forward. 10 times. Dark or milk? Nielsen's has an amazing chocolate display at the back of the store. And you can have the hug too! From all of us.

Anonymous said...

All-time favorite chocolate is the little round balls from Lindt (sp?), especially the hazelnut or raspberry.

Anonymous said...

'Scuze also got a CD that I burned just for you!!

Echo said...

See what happens when I don't log on for a day. I miss out on chocolate. That's ok. I am always up for a little King magic.