Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Growing Up

Even my youngling is growing up. He doesn't want toys anymore (except for the $$$ lego which we aren't talking about till his birthday).

Today he said, "I need a flash drive. Can we get one at the hardware store?" I only laughed a little, then said, "No, but we can look at RiteAid." We found one. This is so he can move files between school and home, for the school newspaper his GATE class is starting.

Now he is asking me math questions. What the heck are complementary and supplementary angles? I looked that one up on Wickipedia. After the second question , I said, "Ask your brother!"

I don't remember Ernest every being naughty. I used to call him my Angel Baby, because he was so good and looked like a curly haired chubby cherub. He liked to wear costumes year round. One favorite was the silver "robot suit" with helmet, which I made. We just gave that to our g-nephew Mr. Thomas, who expressed an interest in becoming a robot. (We'll need a picture, hint hint.)


Anonymous said...

But, does he still want to snuggle with his mama on the couch?
I am treasuring every single snuggle moment, because I know they will be gone out the window all too soon.

smalltownme said...

Yes! I still get snuggles (we call them cuddles) on the couch in the morning before school.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

If you're still getting hugs, then it's all good.