Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Squeezing Blood from... orange.

There was a box of blood oranges in my way. So I bought some. The checker mistakenly kindly charged me the navel orange price. What to do with blood oranges? Why, Blood Orange Martinis of course! They were pretty good. Tasted a little bit of the oil in the skin, but that may have been the fault of my vigorous juicing with the pit droid juicer. (Mine's an older version, the handle is not as curved.)
At this time, the Pomegranate Martinis still have the edge. The Handy Husband said he felt like a 50's husband, coming home to a Martini. But I was not wearing a housedress and a frilly apron. I have decided to invest in a real cocktail shaker (Tupperware is not cool) and Martini glasses. When they arrive, I may don the frilly apron as a joke. (Yes, there will be clothes beneath it. There are children in the house.)


Be Inspired Always said...

I have one of them. Never thought about wearing the frilly apron though. My husband would wonder if he walked into the right house.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

World Market has excellent barware. Do you have one near you?

smalltownme said...

Be Inspired, thanks for your comment. I visited your blog and I'll be back.

Jen, I think we have one, it has Cost Plus in front of its name? It's 45 miles away in one direction, 60 in the other, and I don't get "out" too often. that's why I love the internet.

Got my martini glasses today!

Sarah said...

Oooo, blood orange martinis sound like such a good idea! Theoretically, that counts as a serving of fruit, no?

Thanks for delurking! I'm putting you in my bookmark list.