Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Choice is Made

In my last post I mentioned Frank was taking Calculus instead of Concert Band due to a scheduling conflict. Yesterday he asked if he could switch at the semester. He laid out his reasons: he's taken more than enough math to satisfy the requirements, Calculus is a little boring because they covered most of it last year, he misses band, and the band misses him (the saxophone section is a little weak). So we thought about it, and we thought, "Why not?" Let him have some more fun in his last semester. That would make 2 music classes, 2 computer classes, TA in Physics, and only two classes which require studying: English and Government. Lucky bum! My senior year was crammed with academics.

He's a good kid. He does well in school (even English is better this year), he is a careful driver, he doesn't take drugs, he comes home on time, he doesn't argue with me, he has a great sense of humor...I could go on. I was trying to think of anything really naughty he'd done (besides failing English) and all I could think of was when he was 3 and got hold of a big barbeque spatula and happily went down the backyard path smashing the ceramic lights on his way. We still haven't replaced them all. Fourteen years later.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I'm with you; let the kid have a break this semester.

Have you read the book "The Overachievers"? It's a true sociological study of high school students who do too much in order to get into the Ivy League college of their choice. Sad, but also very informative.

smalltownme said...

Thanks, Jen!

We are so NOT overachievers here! There is too much pressure on kids now. I want my kids to go to colege, but I've never felt that the "name" schools are better. We have PhD friends whose kids started off at junior colleges.