Saturday, January 26, 2008


I might have mentioned it was blustery today, but now it is really freaking BLOWING outside.

The last time I remember this much wind (1998) we lost 4 trees.
  • A beautiful huge California Oak tree on our patio fell toward our house, just on the edge of the roof outside Frank's bedroom, but he didn't even wake up! The sleep of the innocent. This was the saddest tree loss, as it was planted as an acorn by the son of the original owner in 1963-68.
  • A pine tree fell on a car, but actually it was beyond our back property line. So not our insurance problem, thank goodness.
  • Two already dead trees just tipped over, and smashed our bridge. Yes we, have a bridge to nowhere. There is a hot tub on the other end, but it doesn't work anymore.
  • And Ernest did not like the resulting chainsaw noises because they were "youd" (loud). He was only twoish.
  • A block away, a pepper tree completely crushed a garage.
  • I've got photos.

I'm still hearing the wind blow. Update tomorrow.

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Vanessa said...

I lived in Seattle for a time and we would get winds like that. My neighbors car was crushed by a tree. My car was also crushed while I was there but totally different reason, falling utility pole in front of my house.