Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finals Week

It's Finals Week for Frank. The final for Stage Band was to master a song on Guitar Hero III. The grades depended on the level they played, something like this:

Easy - game score minus 5 points.
Medium - game score
Hard - game score plus 5 points
Expert - game score plus 10 points.

Frank (Cartman?) and Kyle played expert and passed (95 and 100). Kenny and Stan played easy, and failed. But get this, the teacher played on easy and ALSO FAILED. I'm not sure how much weight this is actually going to have on their grades, but it sure sounds like a fun class!

Let's hope he aces his REAL finals.


Jen said...

Does he go to pretend school? LOL - well done him!

smalltownme said...

It sounds like pretend, doesn't it! He's had a heavy academic schedule since junior high. As a senior, he has most of his requirements taken care of and is finally able to take a few electives.