Monday, January 14, 2008

It's My [Virtual] Party for my 100th Blog

Yes, I've done it! WhooHoo! 100 blogs in just slightly over a year! For an introverted, non-communicative, average writer like me that is an awsome achievement.

I will pause for congratulations... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... thank you, thank you all. I'd like to thank the Academy--- oops, wrong fantasy. If I can find the picture of my 13 year old self accepting the pretend oscar from my BFF's pretend awards show, I'll add it here.

To celebrate, I am hosting a VIRTUAL party on this post. I invite all my loyal (or not) readers to post a comment with your favorite beverage(s) and appetizer(s). Remember, there are no calories at a virtual party! I will start with two choices each since I'm the party girl.

Beverage: Pomegranate Martinis and a Merlot from Sunstone Winery.

Appetizer: Alaskan Rolls from Kabuki and something really decadent like Artichoke Dip (mayo, parmesan, all that great non-diet stuff).


P.S. Please make a music selection, too. Mine is Bruce, and I'm sure the HH's is Led Zeppelin. Give me 2 songs and I'll put it in the mix for the big 25th anniversary party in September. Maybe the food too!

Thank you friends!


Handy Husband said...

I pick Coconut Shrimp from Opal and Sunstone Viognier.

Ernest said...

My favorite appetizer is crab cakes. My favorite drink is Cranberry Lemonade from Honest Ade.

Ernest said...

My music would be Holiday by Green Day or Hello Hooray by Alice Cooper.

Bunny Bunster said...

I heart Earnest for both of his musical picks!!

My drink of choice would be a tall Captian Morgan with a diet, or Watermelon Margarita's. My appetizer would be O'Charleys cheese and shrimp dip, but I could be swayed to the crab cakes!

I'm thinking some Tom Petty would sound good right about now. Or Bob Segar.

Many congratulations on your 100!
I'm glad I found you!!

Anonymous said...

May I come to the party? I'll go with HH (aka YS) on the Coconut Shrimp and with ernest on the CranLemonade.
I cherish these glimpses into the lives of special people and makes me long to live down the street again.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Since it's coldcoldcold here in Virginia, I vote for either hot buttered rum or White Russians. Or both. For food, that's tough. I want comfort food, so maybe hot artichoke dip. Or, maybe just a great cheese board.

For music, I'm deeply into British musicians right now, so Led Zep (Immigrant Song, Stairway, etc.), the Beatles, and the Police.

smalltownmom said...

m-i-l, you're cheating! You have to pick your own, not copy. So I am assigning you chocolate, or maybe your own yummy oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies. We also wish you still lived down the street. That house will be vacant again soon.........

Jen, a woman after my own heart. I think your artichoke dip might similar to mine but I'm not citing you for copying because you said it was HOT. And British musicians, YEAH BABY! You are totally forgiven for copying Led Zep. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Well, I am always up for mini taquitos and those match just beautifully with a very LARGE margartia (on the rocks of course). Since I seem to be on a theme here how about some Sergio Mendes (very hot brazillian music).

Anonymous said...

My favorite appetizer is Cajun Oyster Fondue from Pappadeux and nothing gets those blog juices flowing like a Bloody Mary--hold the salt (but don't forget the pepper).
Yeah 100th Blog! That's a lot of captured moments that are worth having---and sharing!
from Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Too many Bloody Mary's...forgot to tell you what I was listening to while munching and sipping---Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.
Jeanette's 2nd attempt... said...

Dearest HH!
Congratulations on your 100th blog!
I would like Miller Lite with a shot of Patron tequila on the side & Nachos!!! Also, any songs by John Mayer or Donny!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!! I'd like a cuppa hot tea and a Blue Moon for my calendar boy.....And I think just some guacamole & chips to start..... Let's listen to some Patty Larkin...Who, by the way, is playing in your small town on April 23rd and we will be there. Same place as Jill Knight last year.

Love ya....

Mrs. G. said...

Hmmm...I'll take mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat, a cosmo, and some Rolling Stones.

Congratulations on 100!!

Frank said...

OK, it's not really Frank because he would be be seen commenting on his mother's blog, but these are his choices:

Beverage: Monster (a highly caffeinated energy drink).

Appetizer: Fried calimari with marinara sauce.

Music: Don't Fear the Reaper with more cowbell. He was leaning toward a different BOC song, but I told him it was my party so he picked cowbell.

Frank said...
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smalltownmom said...

Oops, it should hav been wouldn't not would. He should have just typed the darn thing himself.