Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Secret Boyfriend: Dixon Ticonderoga

Isn't that a great name? Dixon Ticonderoga. So rugged. He's a very reliable boyfriend pencil.

I've bought them for my own kids, given them as gifts for my sons' teachers, and recommended them to other teachers I've worked with the last two years, when they have complained about their pencil supply. (It's a huge issue. You'd be surprised.) You can buy bunches of them at Costco. D.T. uses a good quality wood, doesn't splinter, the erasers work, and the leads are perfectly aligned.
I love you, Dixon Ticonderoga. And I don't think Mrs. G has claimed you yet.


Anonymous said...

Must remember this the next time I buy pencils.

Vanessa said...

I'm a little neurotic and have the same pencil for all my tests. I can't use any other pencil because somehow I'm convinced its the only pencil I can use and get an A with. I once started to cry because I thought I had forgotten it but it really just fell to the bottom of my bag. Sad, I know!

Anonymous said...

Being familiar with the junk provided by schools, D.T. gets my vote.

...and speaking of secret boyfriends; one of my favorites is Allen Wrench.