Friday, March 14, 2008

Doing Something Right

Ernest's teacher sent out some e-mails yesterday morning to arrange a St. Patrick's day party for the class. After things were arranged, he sent out this note:

This class is so terrific & I'm going to miss them like heck next year. Today they all pulled together to root on a classmate who has major trouble running the mile. They rallied around this guy to where he made it and felt good for the first time ever in PE. That's just too cool. All this without even a hint from Mr. H [PE teacher]. That tells us the character of these kids. You're all doing something right at home & it shows. Values, ethics, and integrity are HUGE. Thanks for helping make my year a very special one with very special students.

Wow. Thank you, Mr. P. And it goes both ways. He's been teaching for 29 years and he is still enthusiastic. He is so inspirational with the kids, encouraging them to be eager learners and always providing a great, interactive learning experience.

They are a great class. I've known many of them since ages 4-6. This year I've volunteered for our Meet the Masters art program and it's been a joy to guide them through the creative projects.

Except for today, Friday at the end of the day, when they started sliming their hands with tempera paint like kindergarteners! Oh, well, they're still kids. (P.S. Ernest was not in on the paint sliming. He was working on the school paper. He'll have to finish his project at home.)


Vanessa said...

Finish it at home? Maybe in the garage? It sounds messy!

Lucky you to get to volunteer for such an amazing program.

Sarah said...

How wonderful to get a truly great teacher instead of the usual clueless fresh out of schooler or burnout. I hope your kids get many more teachers who are the real deal!

Anonymous said...

That is so nice for a teacher to aknowledge the positive things kids (and parents) do!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I taught art for many years in a program similar to Meet the Masters. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Warm fuzzies, and goodbumps!!

That was awesome of the kids cheering a classmate on!!

barbra said...

My daughter's school has Meet The Masters! I head up the committee that puts the artwork up for display. This week we hung up the Wyeth pieces. Next year, when my youngest is in preschool, I want to be a docent!
This teacher sounds wonderful, as do these kids. I'm so glad you shared this.