Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shiny Things

The Handy Husband's Road & Track arrived today. The shiny things on the cover are sure to catch his eye when he gets home.

Easter Egg colors!

The shiny things on the back of the J. Crew catalog caught MY eye!

But I rarely wear high heels anymore. And they cost $198! And my wide little hooves probably wouldn't even fit into them. Yet, they are adorable. Sigh.....

Now I am remembering my yellow snakeskin pumps from 1986. I loved those shoes.

And my red/black snakeskin pumps with black heels, which replaced the ruby slippers with black bows from 1983, after a heel broke off when I tripped on the steps at W Sola St. (I bought the snakeskins at lunch hour right after the rubies broke, but I had the rubies repaired later.)

... and the purple ones and the pink ones and the green sequined ones from Christmas 1990 and... Excuse me while I have a Meg Ryan moment.

And here's my Handy Husband's shiny thing:

He says he has a moment every time he sits in it.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'll be back after get my sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Ruby slippers..............sigh!
I think you and I have the exact same show fetish.
Oh, and thanks a lot for guessing the movie at Vanessa's blog. The one and only movie I would have answered correctly, and you beat me to it!! ;-)
Seriously, that is Handy Husband's car? WOW!!