Sunday, March 30, 2008

Today's Field Trip

Today we joined g/nephews McQueen, Mr. Thomas and their mom on a "field trip" to Nojoqui Falls. (That's pronounced NAH-ho-wee or nah-HO-wee, not no-JO-kee.) Beloved Niece gave me a great bit of trivia: These falls are the same height as Niagara Falls. Just a lot narrower. You can't get this close to Niagara.
A short walk up a narrow canyon leads to this beautiful sight. If you are alone, it's very restful and meditative to sit and gaze up at the falls. If you are a mother, constant vigilance is required as the falls pour into a pool of water surrounded by rocks. Rocks? Boys must climb on rocks. Climb? Not just climb, but ninja. In our house, ninja is now a verb, meaning "jump from thing to thing while your mother frets that she will have to take you to the ER."

But, TA DA! He survived without major damage. And hopefully his cousins will not copy his ninja-ing.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am definitely onboard with the adoption of the verb "ninja." How have I lived without for this long?

Anonymous said...


Vanessa said...

I don't know how you do it with sons. MY heart was pounding just reading the post waiting for the "and then we went to the ER" portion of the trip! You must have nerves of steel.

Anonymous said...

Hello- it is I... Beloved Niece. Computer seems to be working (today anyway) but I have spaced on my password!
It was a lovely trip, and yeah! no emergency room trips! We now ninja (ok ok I ninja) around my yard. I think it is great excersize both mental and physical. I do keep in mind that I currently am without the necessary health insurance and am only ninjaing on soft things. 90 days has never been so long!!
I am going to find my passwords and start blogging again soon. It is my goal for the weekend. Thanks for non giving up on me!