Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We were without our internet connection for about 4 hours today. Crazy! We've never had a problem like that before. I called Verizon and found they had an outage in our area. "Just wait 2 or 4 hours, then reset your modem."

Ahem? Wait 2-4 hours? There are boys waiting to download the new World of Warcraft patch. More importantly, I've got blogs to read. I have to renew a library book. And check my bank balance to be sure I'm not bouncing any checks before payday gets here.

What did I do for the 4 hours? Besides sit on the phone with Verizon? Took a walk with my niece, great-nephews and m-i-l, did some needlepoint, and went out to lunch with my husband.


Anonymous said...

What did any of us do before the internet? :-)

Vanessa said...

We had an internet outage at 2am last week. The SO nearly died! Was on the phone with Time Warner for nearly 45 minutes freaking out!

Sarah said...

Inernet outages send The Lemony Family into a major tizzy. We could use a few more internet outages.

Yeah, we're all internet addicts here.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's some old time fun you were having. Probably a good idea to realize you can live without the 'net for bit (but not too long).