Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sunday afternoon.

The men of the house went off to do men things: Handy Husband tinkered on his car in the garage. Frank ninja-ed (like here and here). Ernest rode bikes with his cousin, McQueen.

So I watched Becoming Jane.

By the time they were all back the movie was over and I was bored, so I cleaned. Some of you may know I hate cleaning. Is this because my mother was not a great housekeeper, or because I worked as a motel maid in high school? Anyway, I was so bored I cleaned the blinds in the dining room, and then the kitchen. Then the kitchen tchotchkes had to be cleaned too. Here's my clean kitchen window area, including my Valentine's Day present. (The new faucet.)


Vanessa said...

I didn't see the picture, or maybe I'm missing something? Anyway, stop cleaning! Read! Go for a walk. Something, anything, cleaning is so not fun!

Anonymous said...

Love your view. Jealous of the green leaves and flowering tree across the street.
I'll have to post the view from my sink sometime, it's not nearly as pretty as yours - think steel tool sheds and large farm equipment.