Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Grace, and the new Tar-Zhay!

My car is over 7 years old, but I only named her last year. Another mom at school talked about her van, "good old Bess. " I thought about my car and decided to name her Grace. For Grace Kelly. Both Graces are beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated. And my Grace has a lot of power when she needs it. I think the real Grace did, too.

I thought my Grace had a stroke while driving on Friday, but it turned out to be just a loose radiator hose clamp. Ladies, let us keep our clamps tight!

Bunny, they didn't wash her again because they had already washed her on Monday and she was still perfect clean. But they did wash the "blood" out of the engine compartment! And it was free: towing, repair and delivery!

I've had older car babies that racked up the miles when the HH and I commuted together 90+ miles a day. * I've had this car while I've been a Smalltown Mom so that's cut down considerably on her mileage. We do take her on all our long haul trips.

*90 miles x 5 days a week = 450. 450 miles x 50 (allowing 2 weeks vacation)=22,500 miles a year. 22,500 miles a year x 7 years = 157,500 miles. So, Grace got it easy! A good thing I am not commuting anymore.

The HH drives about half the miles a year (because he drives with a friend) and then half it again between cars because when he drives he alternates between the truck and his Lotus.

My pathetic math works out that he puts 5,625 miles per year on each of his 2 vehicles. [I couldn't find the calculator so I solved the division problems out on paper. Hey, at least I CAN do multiplication and long division! Ernest checked some of it.] I think that's third grade math!!!!

This mileage calculation excludes pleasure trips.

Which for the HH is up and down a twisty windy country road on the weekend.

And for me is a trip to a major shopping store.

On Saturday, Frank has to drive 75 miles to a meeting. I am going with him so I can visit the new 2-story Tar-Zhay!!! They have a shopping cart escalator. I can't wait.


Vanessa said...

OHHHH, the Target in Seattle has the shopping cart escalator. When my mom came to visit me, that was the second thing she wanted to do. The first? Nordstrom, since Seattle is the birthplace of Nordstrom. She loved the cart escalator though.

Anonymous said...

Probably 4th grade math; it's the 2 number thing.

Anonymous said...

TTTttttwoooooo story Tar-zhay???
with a cart escalator?
I'm going with you!!