Thursday, March 13, 2008

Google Reader, and Why I Blog

Thanks to Jenn at Juggling Life , I discovered Google Reader. Now I can read even more blogs in less time. Whoo-hoo! And not waste time clicking on the folks who haven't posted in forever.

Like my beloved niece. [Nagging auntie.] (OK, she has an excuse. She moved, and her internet connection is not working. But she could come use my computer if she wanted to. Because now we are only 2 BLOCKS AWAY!) And then there is Yaxlich, who used to be a really funny 3rd person blogger but then he stopped.

Mrs. G rocks as a 3rd person blogger. And SHE posts all the time.

So this leads me to wonder, why do I blog? I have no aspirations WHATEVER to be a writer. I don't even like talking to people, sometimes.

I started with a couple posts on MySpace. I only went on MySpace to see what my son was doing. But there was that blog thingy. I talked/wrote/blogged about our raccoon invasion. Then I realized I liked the bloggy form of communication. And I discovered Blogger was a better space for that. I hoped that instead of sending newsy little e-mails to my friends and family, they would follow me to Blogger.

Friends? So fickle. Family, a little better. My lovely mother-in-law reads, and comments occasionally. My father, also. Beloved Niece was reading a lot before she moved. Friends, hey what the heck is up with you? Sign up on Google Reader, why dont'cha.

But the best thing about blogging is all the new friends I have discovered. It's like having pen pals, without the wait and the postage. Thank you to all. Bunny Bunster, Jenn at Juggling Life, Jen on the Edge, Vanessa at Random Ramblings (alphabetical) are my regular readers and I thank you and love sharing your lives, too. And I find that you get what you give: like if I comment on Mrs. G, she comments back. I am trying to lurk less and comment more. Which is challenging for me, because I am not a joiner, I am the quiet one in the back of the class. Who knows the answer but is afraid to raise her hand.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Mrs. G is my secret girl-friend. Okay, not so secret.

Vanessa said...

Google reader has saved me SO much time. I was resistant at first, like I am with most new things, but once I did it? No. Going. Back. I love it!

And I love the bloggie friends (like you) I have made too. Not to nit pick? But I'm wearing pink socks right now. Which is because you indeed spent postage on me! ;) And thanks! I loved my box!

Anonymous said...

Love you too, sweetie!

barbra said...

I could have written this exact post.